say hello to our star knitters

Meet the people behind some of our greatest big knit hats.

“I love knitting with the Age Action knitting group. I’ve knitted hundreds of hats.”

Curiosity is a good thing. It was curiosity that led Winnie, a mum of 7 from Churchtown in Dublin, to ask what the group of people in her local Age Action shop were doing. Turns out they were knitting little hats for the Big Knit; Winnie joined in, and before long she was a regular. Four years on, Winnie still turns up every week for “a good natter” with her friends. “We really understand each other and give each other good tips, not only on knitting. You wouldn’t want to hear some of the stuff we talk about…”

“When you knit these little hats you become a part of a big community – it’s so friendly and welcoming.”

Meet Bella from Dublin. She’s been knitting hats for The Big Knit for seven years now, and she’s notched up an incredible 600 hats (and counting). Bella says knitting’s a great way to get to know people: she started as a youngster and even set up a knitting society at her college.